Things To Know About Getting a Car Turntable - Learn Today
Convenient multi-storey car park disk

Have you thought about installing a car turntable in your garage or driveway?  If so, you might have some questions.  Let us answer some of the most common questions for you.

What are car turntables?

Car turntables are solid disks that are fitted into the ground.  They are also called auto turntables.  It is level with the ground around it and designed to have an attractive finish that complements the surrounding floor materials.  At the push of a button, an electric motor causes the disk to rotate, slowly and smoothly, as far as required.  Whatever is on the disk at the time, usually a vehicle like a car or a van, is slowly rotated to face in a different direction.

Where can turntables be installed?

In essence, the answer to this question is anywhere that you need to be able rotate a vehicle.  The most common locations are garages and driveways, but they are also used in car showrooms as well as exhibition spaces.  As long as the ground is stable and level, it is likely that a car turntable can be installed.

Why do people have them installed at their property?

Everyone has different needs and reasons, but there are three main reasons why our customers choose to install a turntable.  The first is as car park solutions, either in a private property or a commercial garage.  The turntable enables you to maximise parking space.  Parking a car manually drastically reduces the amount of space for parking.  The second reason is for safe parking in difficult neighbourhoods.  With a turntable, it is possible to enter the property driving forwards, spin the car and leave without needing to reverse into traffic.  The third reason is to showcase luxury cars, either as part of a collection, for advertising photography or in a salesroom.

Do I have enough space?

Almost certainly, the answer is yes.  We design and manufacture to bespoke specifications, so even with limited space we can probably create a design to suit your requirements.  As well as different sizes, we offer different materials and finishes, such as a metal turntable or a wooden turntable.

Are they too expensive for me?

It is true that car turntables are an investment.  But there are few factors to consider.  Firstly, we design and manufacture bespoke turntables, so we can make a system to suit all budgets by changing materials, different turntable finishes and sizes.  Additionally, factor in the financial benefits of saving car parking space, especially if it avoids accidents reversing into traffic or leaving your car on the road – it may even reduce your insurance.  And finally, bear in mind that a turntable has a positive impact on property values since they are a desirable feature for a home.

Hopefully this has answered the most obvious questions you might have had.  Of course, in one short article it is not possible to answer every possible question.  If you have a question that has not been addressed here, or you want information about the options available for your property, contact us today.  Our team at Spin-It Car Turntables will be pleased to answer your questions so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you.


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