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Frequently Asked Questions Overview

This page offers an overview of all frequently asked questions. Feel free to call or email us if you can’t find the answer to your question. Please call us on 0800 612 8830 during office hours. You can also email us your question at

Does SPIN-IT make the car turntables itself?

We design and manufacture all car turntable components in-house at our facilities in Nantwich, Cheshire, UK. We are proud of our ‘Built in Britain’ heritage. We’re involved with the entire process: from design and manufacture to installation and service.

Who takes care of the installation of my car turntable or Photo Studio?

We will install your turntable or Photo Studio for you.  It is important you ensure that there is a power outlet nearby and that all groundworks are ready for the installation of the turntable. Following a discussion with you, you can also decide to install the turntable yourself.  We can provide you with all the necessary technical information to do so.

What kind of customer does SPIN-IT cater to?

Our turntables are sourced by home-owners; architects; house builders; car enthusiasts; the motor industry; designers and event organisers to solve parking problems and create eye-catching displays.

We manufacture and deliver the turntable and will gladly work with your builder, architect or interior designer to incorporate the turntable in to your space.

What does a turntable cost?

The price of a turntable depends on a number of factors, including size, finish and control of the turntable. After an initial consultation we will send you a quotation for your consideration. We know that sometimes we need to tweak our quotation but one thing we can guarantee is we will listen to what you want and advise the most appropriate solution. Once you are happy with the quotation, we will request a deposit so that your turntable can be put in to manufacture.

What payment methods can I use?

Our customers can choose between the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer or cheque.

When can I expect delivery of my order?

Orders are generally delivered between 6 – 8 weeks* once deposit has been received.

* dependent on building works

Does SPIN-IT install turntables and Photo Studies in countries outside the European Union (EU)?

We carry out installations worldwide. Please give us a call on 0800 612 8830 to discuss your individual requirements.

What kind of warranty does SPIN-IT offer?

At SPIN-IT quality and reliability are paramount. We are confident our turntables will give you many years of efficient and trouble-free service.
All our turntable packages include industry-leading warranties. Depending on your choice of installer, the intended use and your location we have a warranty to suit your requirements.

Extended Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Plans
In addition to our standard inclusive Warranty SPIN-IT offers you the option to extend your Warranty and further protect your investment with one of our Preventative Maintenance Plans.

SPIN-IT Warranty and Extended Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Plans are fully transferable.

What does SPIN-IT have to offer compared to other suppliers?

We have an extensive knowledge and over 30 years of experience and expertise in the steel fabrication business. Our turntables are built using the latest technology and machinery and checked over by one of our craftsmen before leaving our factory.

SPIN-IT is a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen which has a long-established tradition of bringing together skilled artisans engaged in a trade, craft or profession in order to safeguard the interests of the public and ensure they receive a premium service from recommended tradesmen.

At SPIN-IT you are buying directly from the turntable’s designer and manufacturer. This offers advantages; we can tailor each turntable package to your individual requirements.

Do I have to get planning permission to install a vehicle turntable?

In most cases, no. However, there are some areas where the local Planning Officers are very strict about what can be installed on your property, for example properties in areas of outstanding natural beauty. If in doubt contact your local Planning Office and check it out.

How much space do I need for a turntable?

As a general rule an area of between 4.5 m and 5 m in diameter is sufficient space to turn a family sized vehicle through 360 degrees. The turntable will be smaller than this in area as it only has to accommodate the footprint of the wheels of the vehicle.

When considering a car turntable to solve your parking problems the smallest turntable recommended must be 1 m wider than your vehicle wheelbase.

However, in order to gain the maximum benefit from your investment we advise you to install the largest possible turntable that your location and budget will allow.

Can I fit the turntable myself?

We do not recommend this as a first choice, but yes, you can. We have many customers who have installed their own turntable with no previous experience whatsoever. If you are practically minded, fit and healthy, then a self-install can be both personally and financially rewarding.

If cost is the issue then there is an option for you, or your builder, to do part of the preparatory ground work prior to our installers fitting and commissioning your new turntable. 

Can the turntable be fitted on a slope?

Yes, provided that you have chosen a ‘motorised’ model, it can be installed on anything up to a 1 in 12 gradient.

Manual turntables must be fitted to level areas only. This is due to the pendulum force experienced if the weight of a vehicle is unevenly distributed.

How large does the hole in the ground need to be?

In the case of a standard aluminium topped turntable the majority of the excavated area needs to be 100 mm (just over 4”). This is the distance between the concrete base that the turntable sits on and the finished ground level.

There are a couple of areas that are slightly deeper where the centre bearing is secured and in the case of a motorised model, where the motor housing sits.

Our block paved model requires excavating down by a further 50mm.

If you would like a copy of our Ground Work Specification Drawing, please contact us and we will be happy to email or post one out to you.

How are the motorised models powered?

We looked at many options of how to power our turntables before deciding on an industrial electric motor which could be supplied by a standard domestic household socket.

This method is safe, reliable, cost effective, clean and, most importantly, environmentally friendly. 

Can I still use my turntable if there is a power cut?

Yes, you can. Providing the turntable has been installed on a relatively level plane thus reducing the risk of a ‘pendulum’ force which can occur when vehicles have uneven weight distribution (heavy engine at one end).

There is an option to disconnect the drive mechanism in a quick and simple way, enabling you to use the turntable until power is restored.

Can I blend the top surface of my turntable in to my surroundings?

Yes, you can. We offer a number of top surface finishes. Our turntables come with an aluminium chequer plate top surface fitted as standard.  By its very nature it does not rust or corrode and in time weathers down to a matt silver finish.

If you would like to colour match the turntable to the surrounding area, then we can coat the top plates to a RAL or BS paint colour of your choice. It is worth noting that regardless of how tough and resilient the coating is it will not last indefinitely due to the fact that crushing stones under the tyres of a two-ton vehicle onto an alloy surface is bound to takes its toll.

Alternatively, you may like to consider a block paved, gravel, stone, resin or bespoke tile finish. 

Can I fit a turntable on a gravel drive?

Our turntables have been designed to withstand the inevitable gravel dropping into the gap between turntable and outer skirt, ensuring that no debris can end up on the all-important running tracks.

What is a block paving upgrade?

This option is available but in order to be able to lay block pavers in the top tray of the turntable it is necessary to lower the whole construction by the depth of the pavers (50mm). This requires the main construction of the turntable to be modified to accommodate this extra depth. This is what we class as a ‘Block Paving Upgrade’.

What type of Photo Studio are available?
SPIN-IT offers a turntable photography starter pack through to a complete Diffused Wall Photo Studio facility.
All studios are available with photo studio control software and lighting options (see below for more details).

What’s a suitable space for a Photo Studio?
We suggest you consider the following points when looking for a suitable space in your existing building or new development:

  • Logical positioning:
    The Photo Studio should be positioned conveniently within your work flow area. Especially when you plan to photograph a large number of vehicles a day, this is very important. It is always advisable to position the photo studio near the car wash/cleaning department.
  • Easy entry and exit:
    There should be no obstacles for each vehicle to drive in and out of the studio quickly. After all, you want to put the vehicle online as soon as possible. In our flexible 360-degree turning software you can easily programme the entry and exit positions.
  • Avoid daylight:
    Make sure you can control the lighting in your space as much as possible.
  • Keep it practical:
    Create a background and floor surface colour that are practical for every-day use and remain presentable within the area.

What controls and positioning options are available?

Our Photo Studio solutions come equipped with full turntable as a standard. Our entry level control system includes both remote control and switch operation. The turntable can spin in both directions and can either be stopped in any position for taking static images with the vehicle stationary or can be latched in to a continuous spin for taking images ‘on-the-fly’. The turntable can also be set to spin continuously at a specific speed for 360-degree videos.

With an optional photo-studio control system you can save up to 10 imaging programmes; define up to 36 image points per programme and trigger up to three imaging devises. The photo-studio control system makes it easy to define your imaging processes and set up easy to follow operating procedures.

Our photo-studio control system will generate photos entirely automatically. The system controls the turntable and your camera(s). Your car photos are stored on your own devices.

Our Photo Studio Control System consists of:
✓ Bespoke programmable Logic Controller System
✓ Up to TEN different imaging programmes
✓ Up to 36 individual photography positions per programme
✓ Option to trigger up to three devices at each photography position (camera equipment not included)
✓ Take pictures ‘on-the-fly’ and start/stop videos at any position
✓ Easily spin vehicle using joystick to rotate to start orientation
✓ Easily select required image programme to run
✓ Auto-run selected programme to capture up to 36 images effortlessly