Spin-It 360 Automotive Photography Studio

Spin-It 360 Automotive Photography Studio.

For those small to medium sized car dealerships who are looking to invest in professional studio photography for better website images of their stock, Spin-It have developed an affordable solution to help get you on your way

Spin-It 360 Automotive Photography Studio

The Spin-It 360 Automotive Photography Studio consists of:

✓ 4.5 Mtr Diameter Photo-Studio Car Turntable.
✓ 6 Mtr x 6 Mtr staged platform giving the impression of a sunken turntable.
✓ 3.6 Mtr wide access ramp.
✓ Control system designed specifically for Automotive Studio Photography.
✓ 4 Function RF Remote Control.
✓ Free movement clockwise – stop at any position.
✓ Free movement anti-clockwise – stop at any position.
✓ Index Mode to stop at next image position.
✓ Set image positions using mechanical markers – no limit on quantity of stop points.
✓ Constant rotation for capturing true videos.

Benefits of owning a Spin-It 360 Automotive Photography Studio.

Speed up your photography process by eliminating the need for multiple maneuvers of car.

Improve the quality of your company website with cleaner vehicle images.

Achieve repeatable image sets vehicle after vehicle.

Easily repeat image angles with the index to next image feature.

Easily capture videos with the variable speed video spin mode.

100% above ground construction, no need for any groundworks.

Small footprint of 6 Meters wide x 7.8 Meters long.

Total required height with diffused backdrop wall included = 3.3 Meters above the floor.

Spin-It — Snap-It — Sell It

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package includes…

Delivery, Installation, 3 years warranty*

does not include any lighting, camera equipment or software.

* warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to flooring or diffuser fabric.