Large Photography Turntables for 360-degree photography and video
Large photography turntables for 360-degree photography and video
Large photography turntables for 360-degree photography and video

At Spin-It Car Turntables we specialise in supplying professional 360-degree large photography turntables. The turntables are ideal for presenting large items such as cars and vans.

Any good salesperson knows that first impressions count, and nowhere is that more important than with photography. Getting the right lighting, the right angle and the right framing can make the difference between you catching the attention of the viewer or simply making one more photo. Whether you work in advertising luxury products or create high quality social media content, you need to be able to control the scene to get the right shot.

Our range of products include specialist photo studio turntables. We provide a full range of designs and models to suit all budgets and purposes, including DIY 360 photography turntables or fully installed photo studio turntables.

Large Photography Turntables Installation

Our car photo shoot turntables are the ideal choice for creating the scenes that you need. The unit is either installed flush with the floor of your studio or surface mounted.  As such, you retain full use of the space. The stable base and expert craftsmanship mean that the floor is completely stable and well balanced, with the result that you do not sacrifice usable floor space. The structural design of the turntable provides support of heavy weights such as high performance cars and vans. The turning movement is smooth and quiet either clockwise or anticlockwise when activated.

We provide a full installation service for all our units, so if you want the installation carrying out for you, let us know. However, many customers prefer a DIY option. With our DIY turntable for photography, you get the same excellent quality of design and craftsmanship, but with a kit that is ready for you to install. For example, we offer a photography turntable DIY starter pack which includes a 4.5 metre diameter turntable, a four-function photo studio controller, and the design drawings that you need for creating the staging and ramp.

Photography Turntable Lighting

To take your photography quality up a level, giving you full control of the light as well as the position of your subject, we supply diffused wall photo studio packages. This is a stand-alone solution which is perfect for any commercial photography project. It allows you to capture photographs and videos of vehicles and luxury items from different angles and with varying lighting conditions. The diffused backdrop and ceiling come with integrated lighting for complete control of every aspect of the photograph.

Photography Turntable Controller

Our bespoke controller software comes in a robust steel control cabinet, with a programmable Logic Control System offering up to ten different imaging programmes. This gives you the ability to record up to thirty-six individual photography positions within each programme, ideal for all types of photo shoot. Depending on your camera equipment, you can trigger three devices at each position, and auto-run your selected programme.

For more information, including enquiries about how you can benefit from a DIY turntable for 360 degree product photography, get in touch today and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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