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Mr & Mrs Allen, Yorkshire, UK

The Problem

Mr & Mrs Allen’s garage drive meets the road on a blind bend. With limited space on the drive and the ability to easily manoeuvre his classic cars, the exit from the property was dangerous. Despite having a large garden, Mr & Mrs Allen decided against losing some lawn and removing their beautiful herbaceous borders to solve the problem. The result would not make turning easier due to the tight space and the proximity of the garage to the road.

The Solution

After some internet research Mr Allen decided that a car turntable was the ideal solution. SPIN-IT supplied a car turntable in November 2007. With some basic building experience gained from working on a building site in his youth, Mr Allen decided to install the turntable himself. Prior to delivery of the turntable Mr Allen was invited to SPIN-IT’s manufacturing workshop and was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the materials and the professional service from the team.

The Benefit

The turntable has given Mr Allen reassurance and peace of mind, enabling him to exit forwards safely from his drive without the risk of damaging his classic car.

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