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Mr & Mrs Bensberg, Kent

The Problem

Mr & Mrs Bensberg’s new-build home is located in a unique and secluded setting and is accessed via a 100 m driveway. Whilst there is ample space to park three cars on the driveway, they recognised that manoeuvring one car, whilst others are parked, could become awkward. They were also keen to avoid having to reverse 100 m down the drive every time they went out.

The Solution

Early on in the build process Mr & Mrs Bensberg and their architect identified that a car turntable would be an effective solution. Not only would it solve the access and turning challenges but would also be a unique enhancement to the property. Their search for a solution led them to SPIN-IT.

They choose a SPIN-IT car turntable because all parts are built and manufactured by the company in the UK. In addition, they were reassured that should there be any maintenance or warranty issues they would be quickly and easily dealt with.

The Benefits

The turntable has enabled Mr & Mrs Bensberg to move their cars up and down the driveway easily and with minimum effort or risk of damage. In addition, the silent running gear results in minimal noise pollution.

This is a great piece of kit to have and is a talking point amongst family and friends who love to use it. It has made parking so much easier than it would have been and we wouldn’t want to be without it!”


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