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Spin it ltd is wholly owned and managed by its directors. We undertake all manufacturing from our factories in Burland, Cheshire and Tamworth, Staffs. We are confident that the products we have designed are unmatched in quality and our personal involvement in the running of the company will assure our clients that they are key to the future success of an exciting, expanding and dynamic group.

Spin It Ltd are working hard with dedicated people from around the world. We are very proud to introduce to you our partners from Europe and beyond. OurCarTurntables are now installed in France, Belgium, Sweden,Switzerland, Spain,Poland, Malta,Qatarand Dubai,as well as all corners of the British Isles. Also, as of early 2012 Spin It Ltd secured a most prestigious contract in China. These facts alone are testament to the quality and assurance that our company strives to supply the best product available on the market.

Our partners have visited our manufacturing facilities here in the UK to familiarise themselves with us and our turntables and have all been heavily involved with the installation process’s and transport issues. As well as being able to offer the best Car Turntables available our partners can also offer other services that will complement your project. We have award winning interior and exterior designers, accomplished property developers and builders. As a result we confidently support all our partners by supplying and guaranteeing our equipment just as if it were a UK project.

All of our partners have either direct access to one of our turntables for you to view and try out or can arrange a site visit to one upon request.

If you believe that one of our range of car turntables would be suited to your specific requirements, or you would like to speak directly to our partners in your part of the world then please follow the links below.

As of Summer 2012 after a prestigious installation in Doha Qatar, Spin it Limited is now represented in the Middle East, Kingdom of Jordan and Gulf regions.



Country: Qatarflag-qatar

Company: Spin-it Middle East

Address: P.O. Box 9933, Doha Qatar

Contact: Mr.Haitham Shehab

Telephone: +974 5550 57 58

E-mail: gm@stallionadv.com

Website: http://www.stallionadv.com/

Country: Spainflag-spain

Contact: Roy Eaton

Telephone: +34 666 868 455

E-mail: reatonconstruction@gmail.com

Website: www.thecarturntablecompany.com

Country: Switzerlandflag-switzerland

Contact: Richard Schaefer

Telephone: +41 79 759 5820

E-mail: info@spin-it.ch

Website: www.spin-it.ch


Country: Poland

Company: DIGITEC – Smart Solutions

Address: Ul. Dobrego Pasterza 121, 31-416 Krakow. Poland

Contact: Grzegorz Kowalik

Telephone: +48 12 410 40 50

Fax: +48 12 410 40 51

E-mail: info@digitec.pl

Website: www.digitec.pl


Country: Malta and surrounding countries such as North Africa

Company: Right Projects Company Ltd.

Contact: Mario Cassar

Telephone: +356 7946 8905

Fax: +356 2145 1847

E-mail: rightprojects@incorporatedmalta.com

Website: www.incorporatedmalta.com