Photo Studio Turntables

On-Line shopping is now an established feature of the retail sector. Getting your product captured and displayed on you website as quickly as possible and with the minimum of effort is key to staying one step ahead of the competition. Spin-It can provide you with the Photographic Studio Turntable you need to become a market leader, and not a market follower.

The benefit of using a Spin-It Turntable to capture your products are many...

  • The camera is stationary and the object rotates.
  • Backdrops are consistent.
  • Lighting is consistent.
  • 360 degree photography in one operation.
  • No shunting of the vehicle giving a faster operation and a higher throughput.
  • Turntable can be programmed to stop at repeatable positions giving consistency of photograph styles and a professional look to your website.

Spin-It has been installing Photographic Studio Turntables to the Automotive Trade since 2008. Here are a few examples of our customers...

Carcraft (Six Sites) - CarGiant London (2 Turntables) - IT Fleet – Vincent Knight Motors – Big Motoring World – Redgate Lodge – GRS – AutoDirect - Lawton Brook... and many more.

Phone Spin-It Car Turntables or use our online Car Turntable Quote Form for a no obligation quotation today.


Looking for a portable solution to your photographic Studio Turntable needs?  Take a look at our new Diffused Wall Photo Studio Turntable